Greste’s Egypt trial described as farcical

Greste’s Egypt trial described as farcical

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Australian journalist Peter Greste’s trial is “farcical” and charging his defence team $180,000 to view key evidence is “an affront to justice”, Al Jazeera says.


Mr Greste is on trial with four other journalists for the Qatar-based broadcaster on charges of aiding the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood and defaming Egypt.

His main defence lawyers quit overnight, accusing Mr Greste’s employer Al Jazeera of only being interested in insulting Egypt.

The remaining defence team has also been ordered to pay a $180,000 fee to view key video evidence.

Al Jazeera English called the hearing “farcical” and says the evidence fee is “an affront to justice”.

“There have been many farcical scenes during the previous eight court hearings, and today was another example,” an Al Jazeera spokesman told AAP.

“It is an affront to justice for the prosecution to attempt charging … for the defence to see the video evidence against them.”

The reporter’s parents Juris and Lois Greste said it wasn’t a disaster because the defence would continue, but for the first time they questioned the trial.

“With great respect to the government of Egypt, what keeps occupying our mind, what we keep asking ourselves time and time again, is what have we done as a family to hurt the people of Egypt that our lives should be so traumatised, so upended and so diminished,” Juris Greste told reporters in Brisbane on Friday.

“He is completely innocent and yet we all have to go through this pain, for what?”

The case was adjourned until next week, putting Mr Greste’s next day in court on the cusp of Egypt’s presidential election on May 26.

His father said no one was sure whether the trial would be wound up before then or delayed again.

“This is another example of our family’s point of view that justice delayed is justice denied,” he said.

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