One note stands out among thousands

One note stands out among thousands

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One heart-wrenching note stood out among the thousands of tributes at Martin Place.


“Love you mum. Love Sasha,” it read.

Barrister and mother-of-three Katrina Dawson died along with Lindt cafe manager Tori Johnson and gunman Man Haron Monis after the dramatic Sydney siege ended on Tuesday morning.

Four members of the Dawson family slowly made their way around the enormous Martin Place memorial on Thursday, painstakingly reading cards, taking photos and embracing each other.

The two men and two women became visibly upset when they discovered a colourful drawing clearly done by a young hand.

It depicted two figures with yellow-blonde hair, one tall and all pink, and the other in a blue dress with brown arms and pink legs.

Ms Dawson’s three children are under 10, with Sasha set to start school next year at Ascham in Sydney’s east.

Thousands of people flowed into the makeshift memorial site carrying flowers and tributes on Thursday, the third day since the end of the 16-hour ordeal.

A new section had to be added to accommodate the growing sea of flowers.

Mosman collar bomb victim Madeleine Pulver and her mother, Belinda, made a tearful visit to the shrine.

Senator Jacqui Lambie said Tasmanians, who were still “heartbroken” by the Port Arthur massacre nearly 20 years ago, were mourning with Sydneysiders.

“We know what’s it’s like,” she told AAP in Martin Place.

“It affects the whole nation.

“The last few days in Tasmania, it’s been a very harsh reminder and a reality check for us.”

Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs said the incident raised questions over the granting of bail, access to firearms and mental health.

“How do we get these balances right in times of terror?” Professor Triggs asked while paying her respects.

Pakistani consul-general Abdul Aziz also laid flowers, expressing solidarity with the victims after his nation suffered a devastating school attack that killed at least 140 people.

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