Truck driver guilty of fatal NSW crash

Truck driver guilty of fatal NSW crash

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A drug-affected and sleep-deprived truck driver who crashed his vehicle head-on with a car, killing three people, has been found guilty of manslaughter.


Vincent Samuel George’s B-double veered across the Hume Highway, near Menangle in Sydney’s southwest, and collided with a sedan, killing Calvyn Logan, 59, and his 81-year-old parents Donald and Patricia Logan, in January 2012.

Blood samples taken afterwards revealed George, 34, was on methadone. Expert evidence also showed he had little rest leading up to the crash.

Parramatta District Court Judge Stephen Hanley on Friday found George guilty of three counts of manslaughter.

He had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Gary Logan, whose parents and brother died in the crash, praised the court’s “just decision”.

“It was emotional (today) but it’s time to move on,” he told reporters outside.

“We’ve had two and a half years of trauma.”

The Logans were on their way to Gary’s home for lunch when the crash happened.

Gary sent multiple text messages to his family throughout the day asking where they were.

Later that afternoon, the grim realisation of what had happened struck him when he saw a picture of their car crushed under a truck on a news website.

“I knew it was them,” he said.

The court heard George was driving about 100km/h when the B-double veered onto the median strip, before colliding head-on with the Logans on the wrong side of the road.

George claimed he lost control trying to avoid hitting another car.

But Judge Hanley didn’t accept the explanation, saying there was no evidence of his brakes being applied and that his truck had instead “gradually” veered off the road.

The combination of fatigue and the effects of the methadone George was on, which he obtained illegally, led to his loss of concentration.

Judge Hanley added that George had previously rolled his truck while under the influence of methadone.

George will be sentenced on August 1.

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